05 August 2006

for a nonTV girl [me], the brits win every time

spacedfor me, it started with SPACED. my friend beki introduced me to the show during my visit to the uk last year. i watched all of season one during my stay and was desperate to see two, which sadly was the end of the show. i've now watched both seasons multiple times and consider spaced my favourite tv show. co-written and co-starred in by simon pegg and jessica stevenson, it is brilliantly funny, quirky and even amid the madness - real. very hard to get your hands on this, as it never came to the states and there are no "official" region 1 dvds. check ebay. or borrow mine. :) [also check out simon's films "shaun of the dead" and the upcoming "hot fuzz".]

then came, the office...
the office
which i'll let speak for itself.

and then spooks (or mi-5 for us americans)...
this show is frickin fantastic. i've blazed through seasons 1-3 (thanks to netflix) and am now trying to get my hands on 4. after seeing matthew macfadyen in the latest "pride & prejudice" film, i wanted to see what else he'd been in. when i saw that his wife, keeley hawes, who i've liked in a few bbc shows, was also in the series, i decided to check it out. if you like drama, spies, anything british, good writing - you must watch these. i have been blown away by the powerful writing, acting, and filming. and appreciate that not one person in the cast or crew stands above the rest - they are all equally outstanding.

props also go to john cleese's fawlty towers.

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  1. Same for me. I don't watch television and American sitcoms are sadly lacking. I watch Spaced, Father Ted, Bottom, Fawlty, Black Adder, etc. Brilliant to find a like-minded person. Kudos.

  2. you really need to check out that mitchell and webb look and the mitchell and webb situation. they're both hilarious.