30 March 2006

dancing and jobs in general

beth & beki
i have decided to return to my roots and become a dancer. some of you may not know that i used to be a ballet and tap dancer. the fact that it was only for a few years and while still a very small child, shouldn't hurt my chances. the only thing that may hold me back is that my partner in crime now lives in cornwall, england. [the photo was taken before my wig ended up flying into the audience]

i did get temp work helping pack up an office. lots of bubblewrap, newspaper, and cardboard. got to use my creativity to figure out how to wrap items that were too large for the boxes. after a few days my hands were covered in paper cuts and my mind was fixated on wrapping items in my head, visualizing the folding and taping, over and over. :) i finished that last week, but get to go back tomorrow for one final day.

which means, of course, the normal job hunt is back on. actually heard back from one email i sent out. so looks like i get to pa for a film that will shoot over the weekends in may, june & july. the first crew meeting is in two weeks. it's nonpaid, but it'll be something. supposed to be a mocumentary like spinaltap.

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  1. why are you tickling your partners' armpits?