26 May 2006

cúig ceisteanna

(for kristen)

five minutes to yourself: sit on the lawn out front (preferably at night so people don't notice as much *grin*)

five bucks to spend right now: coffee+ at corner bakery

five items you could part with in your house, right now, that you hadn't thought of already: (this is a bit difficult as all my belongings are in my room, so there's not much that's disposable, but i'll try...) an old purse i finally replaced but still have, all my business cards that are freaking awesome but for a job i'm no longer looking for, my bean bag chair i got for visitors to sit on, some skirts i haven't worn in over five years, some posters i haven't put up in almost ten years.

five items you absolutely, positively could not part with in your house: photographs, valentines from my nephews & cards from friends, paintings from michelle, my computers (they've got my writing, photography & films!), i can technically part from my dvds - b/c i've been forced to do so before - but i really prefer to keep them.

five words you love: whilst, nevertheless (or nonetheless), slurpy, lovely, cuimhnigh

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