20 May 2006


so i said i hadn't laughed til i cried yet. i nearly killed myself doing so my last day. well, first - this pic? i like to think of it as my california cookie tattoo. burned myself baking cookies for my last day working on the film - a little gift for the crew. great idea - but with the lack of sleep (and thus, lack of brain) my reflexes were a bit slow. then, on my last day - the makeup artist was bored in the morning and decided she'd like to entertain herself making me over. she did a great job - nothing too extravagant - but it's film make-up, made to last. and she used glitter - which i love, but have already learned lessons from. so i was running errands in the evening and speeding along the freeway chatting with my friend donna on the phone and i started laughing hard - the crying laughter. and i immediately remembered why i don't wear that much eye makeup and especially don't put glitter near my eyes. i had to hang up the phone and start praying that God would save me from death on the freeway b/c i couldn't see. eventually my eyes watered out everything and i was safe. when i finally looked in the mirror, there were multi-coloured lines down my cheeks and neck. thankfully i had a napkin in the car, otherwise i would've scared the grocery store customers.