11 July 2006

in no particular order of course...

LA, some of what i miss:
jacarandas-the possibility of ocean
-the smell of eucalyptus, magnolia, jacaranda, jasmine when i walk out my front door
-citrus trees
-going on night walks in my neighbourhood
-running my hand along the cement and brick walls enclosing yards at just the right height
-the ever-present right turn lane
-two-lane residential streets that easily accommodate parkers and drivers
-ikea (now that i again lack furniture and have the future possibility of a consistent income)
-Bible study
-trader joe’s
-being surrounded by people who don’t care if you know what you’re doing
-lack of humidity
-lack of insects, such as mosquitoes
-a majority of people who know how to drive well with others

KC, some of what i’m glad for:
kansas-not having to constantly parallel park
-not having to leave hours before something to arrive on time
-cheaper gas
-my church
-soon a whole house to share with just one other person and no mold
-close proximity to loads of people & places
-wolf camera in westport
-the irish store on 43rd
-QT’s 59 cent fountain drinks
-fall and winter and spring will look and feel vastly different than summer
-o’dowd’s irish pub

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  1. looks like you miss more than you're glad for. ;)