11 September 2006

criminal activity in kck

home gloamingfor those who have not yet seen my new home - here it is. a bit mysterious and spooky in the evening light. at the time this picture was taken, i didn't notice the foreboding.

for the first time in my life i have two rooms of my own. somehow that has really been confusing me, when i try to organize. but it's definitely fun. and i even have a magnolia tree in my backyard - which reminds me of california.

as for being back in the "safe & serene" midwest...last week someone hacked into my gmail account, deleting everything and then, my paypal, attempting to steal $700. my favourite part of the whole ordeal was when i read paypal's initial response to my situation:
Dear Beth Mercer,

Hello my name is ****, I am sorry to hear about the situation regarding (Briefly repeat the members situation), and understand your frustration and concern over this issue. I will be happy to assist you with your questions.

[note: i put in the **** so as not to harm the person.]
talk about a form letter! thankfully by the time i read this, i was a bit calmer and could just laugh (a lot). and when i talked to a paypal rep later on the phone - she was extremely helpful. still... :)

so...if you have my gmail address it is now mine again - however, my address book was deleted so if you haven't heard from me in a while - please contact me.

and in case you were wondering - hacking isn't cool. especially when you delete email and steal money.

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