26 January 2007


i got to go to a free screening of michael apted's new film, amazing grace, on friday. it is brilliant.

i appreciated the film's honesty and ability to show christians as genuine human beings who have wit and charm and failings, but who strive for truth and justice.

my friend, kelli, noted how the film didn't follow the normal pattern of "problem to solution in no time flat" - but allowed the story to take time, to allow temporary defeat, and then, to pick up again to carry through to the end.

i don't want to say too much before it's open, but definitely put it on your lists to see. i mean, it has albert finney, michael gambon, ciarĂ¡n hinds, ioan gruffudd, rufus sewell, etc.

opens feb 23. the 200 year anniversary of wilberforce's triumph in parliament over the slave trade. i always like when things like that happen (events occurring on related special dates).

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  1. Personally, I am opposed to the slave trade.

  2. i love movie reviews from people i know and trust. will add to my list.