28 March 2007

signs of life

i smell danger first green is gold

this evening, i finished planting the pretty-rather-than-edible plants i purchased last saturday. i was waiting to make sure that the first few i planted did not suddenly die. in the process of planting and moving from backyard to front yard, i started noticing how many things have sprouted and grown just in the last few days (not from my planting...just in general) - tree's budding, rose bushes greening, everything, everywhere. i was particularly intrigued with the grape vine in our backyard just now sprouting leaves which are these lovely furry pink-edged leaf buds at the moment. so - i had to do camera duty. these are just digital snaps - but i ended up taking "real" photos, too, so hopefully those will turn out even better.

signs of life - one signs of life - two
signs of life - six signs of life - four


  1. love the photos! tulips in bloom at my house greeted me as i came home from work yesterday. it totally made me smile!

  2. I've got tulips as of yesterday! And they were all yellow...