26 May 2007

yes, i'm slow

resting my weary feet
okay - so pretty much nevermind about a travel log whilst i'm travelling. :) this trip has been so different from my other experiences - an initial lack of internet and an almost continually full schedule have made my time when on the internet focused on checking email and arranging accomodation. for anyone interested, i plan on writing a travel log and posting it here once i return home.

right now i'm in bath (england), but in a few minutes i hop on the train for cornwall. so i only have a brief moment.

i was overjoyed upon arriving in england. almost felt like coming home. and bath has been lovely - though there have been some travel/accomodation frustrations for sure! ah well. i have a funny story that i'll post later tonight when i get to beki's.


  1. i loved bath, and not just for its jane austen roots. :) it was one of the places where i wished i could have spent more time 8 years ago. but, i guess that's what happens when you're traveling en masse and you don't get to set your own itinerary!

  2. i forgot you went to bath! i actually teared up at the jane austen centre when the "guide" was talking about her.