02 February 2009


a winter's eve

words are important to me. each one has its own meaning. this can be altered by context or nuance; by tone or additional body language, if spoken. but people seem to have forgotten that words have meaning. they toss them about, misuse them, overuse them, until they become meaningless. or trite.

the other day i was about to remark that something was wonderful when i simply meant it was good. to be wonderful, a person or thing should be full of wonder. or full of something that incites wonder. if we only used 'wonderful' to describe such people or things, i kind of feel the world would be a better place. this is a tiny example, an almost ridiculous one. yet to me there is something sad about words not really meaning anything any more.

if people actually did what they said they would do, they wouldn't have to swear or promise or prove. they'd just do it.

i choose my words & try to mean what i say but sometimes it seems pointless because if people discard or cheapen meanings are they hearing any of what i intended? nevertheless, i am going to try and reclaim 'wonderful'.


  1. AMEN.

    you are officially "old" now.
    and the daughter of your father.
    who accepts the compliment gladly.
    (or something beyond 'ecstatically')

    love you

  2. thanks, rustin. i always appreciate your precise choice of words. and understanding of less is more.

    and dad, i've been officially old for a long while. i just don't always let it be known. :)

  3. ah, the list of the ways in which we are kindred spirits just keeps growing. :)

  4. This reminds me of our color talk that wintry day in manhattan. you warm my heart beth mercer.

  5. words: good!
    you: wonderful!

  6. ah yes - jules. and chels - that walk was such a delightful evening. and joy, thanks. :)