13 November 2005


tim preached on gratitude today. after finishing "the hiding place" on friday, i have a better understanding of what that really means. and how important it is in all things - big or small, hard or easy.

like walking home from church, crunching through leaves. my heart was buoyant. was it the sound of crunching leaves? no, a bit too crackly -- not the warm, rich crackle of a fire, just crackly. then, i caught a whiff of fragrance as i crunched through them. that smell. i love that smell. i thank God for thinking to let the old fallen brown leaves, which no longer look beautiful and now seem a mere annoyance to most adults, to have such an inviting fragrance.

i've never understood how some people can be unmoved by nature. its beauties and mysteries - so wide and deep.


  1. i read this post yesterday & can't stop thinking about it. how cool that God has created all things for us to enjoy! i was thinking this weekend of how much i love the smell of fallen leaves too!

  2. i remember one time, driving to walmart in wichita, at night. turning a corner, i saw a huge red-orange moon rising. absolutely stunning. and i got to watch it all the way to walmart. i thought, how cool--if i hadn't needed to go to walmart, i wouldn't have gone outside and gotten to see this. but the thought struck me that God drew me to this moment. He knew how much i'd love it. and He wouldn't miss sharing it with me.