20 November 2005

ah, the young

sifting through my old things in preparation of my big move, i've come across some treasures and some trash. the following is definitely a treasure. an illustrated story, written around age 4 or 5. (i did take the liberty of correcting most spelling errors, to ease your reading, but left some for flavour.) enjoy...

a story without a tidel
once apon a time there was two butterflys, one cat, a mouse and a duck. the first butterfly's name was high flyer, the next one was taffy and the mouse's name was sammy and the duck's name was wobler. they were all friends except one person who was a butterfly but he was a bad guy. one day the friends were having fun when sammy bumped into sumpthing. it was a hill with a house on top of it and on top of the house was a flower with a rainbow on top. they all tryed to climb up the hill but they couldn't. the End.


  1. ha ha! it's so much better in wriding than what you could have expressed the other night in words. nicely done. you're such a talended writer (i left some of the spelling errors in for flavor). the end.

  2. your talent and creativity were evident even at a young age! :)

  3. this was one time my artwork might be considered better than my writing. and i've never been an artist. *grin*