27 December 2005

odd tidbits

some people seem to think there is a difference between being eccentric and being weird, of having quirks and acting odd. however you phrase it i find singular traits fascinating - in others and myself. so here's a few of mine in no particular order; i know others can easily add to them...

1 running to answer the door or phone
2 standing on furniture (e.g. couches, chairs, beds)
3 doing ballet moves when barefoot on tile in kitchens
4 naming objects with people names (e.g. lockers, foot stools, cars, trees)
5 saying "it's okay" constantly
6 muscling through things and acting as though i grew up in a refugee camp (e.g. going w/o heat, continuing to rip up carpet nails after bloodying my hands)
7 keeping dry food goods for years and thinking that's okay (see 5 & 6)
8 alphabetizing cds, dvds, books
9 driving away AS SOON AS i start the car
10 taking comments literally
11 crying when i laugh hard + speaking unintelligibly in a high squeeky voice
12 walking fast
13 mutant saliva that makes steak grow in my mouth and causes me to take FOREVER to eat it
14 believing you should use things like kleenex and toilet paper only for their specific purposes

i'll stop there.


  1. don't forget pounding your fist on your leg; wearing other people's shoes when they are left out; collecting menus from every restaurant ever visited; karate kicking at people when you are at a loss for words; ...

  2. ...this one is hard to describe, but when you run, it looks as though the lower half of your body is running while the upper half is standing still. wow...so many endearing quirks. normal people are boring.

  3. good ones, donna. man, i forgot some real winners. :) appreciate the additions.

  4. i too was going to mention the shoe deal...

  5. good thing is, i don't take people's shoes. that would quickly move from a quirk to a criminal act, if not bypass quirkdom all together.

  6. oh - and i will not set my alarm or the microwave for any number ending in a 0 or 5.

    the only exception is when i have to microwave the sponge for 60 seconds so sarah will eat off the dishes. that i put in for exactly 60.

  7. although you could consider those 60 seconds to simply be 1 minute...then you're back to where you started. i can't believe that i forgot about your number thing!! what is it about? you feel like 3's often feel left out? :)