27 January 2006

necessities & dmvs

this one's for kerry
nice to have these nearby...
* amc theatre
* bubble tea (e.g. boba loca)
* chipotle
* corner bakery
* dmv
* ikea
* target
* thai restaurants (several is even better)
* trader joe's (an affordable whole foods/wild oats)

missings these...
* nearby & decent walmart (sorry hannah)
* nearby & easily accessible us bank (i switched from my beloved midwest only, capitol federal to us bank, which is supposed to be everywhere. while there are bank of americas on practically every street, us banks are sadly not so prolific and prefer to be in large downtown office buildings without clear parking...grumble)
* quicktrip where are you??
* aldi - gotta love those prices
* wolf photo - my westport one in particular
* o'dowd's - ya gotta have an irish pub nearby

the dmv comment might seem odd - how often do you really need it? seriously though, when you do, and you know you're probably going to have to wait ages - wouldn't it be nice to have it just down the street?

he wasn't there

i actually got to experience my local dmv today to get my california driver's license. when i first arrived and saw everyone waiting i thought i was in for a long day. looking at the back of the man in front of me, i saw embroidered on his leather jacket "there can be only one" above a horizontal sword. from there, things just got normal, though, and i made it through the process just fine. i do have to share my favourite quote from the california drivers handbook:

* The term thumb print
means a thumb print
or fingerprint,
if you have no thumbs.


  1. Beth, Ireland's 32 is not too far away from you:
    - http://www.irelands32pub.com/

    It's an awesome, dank little place (from what I'm told, it's one of the more authentic). I've seen a number of Irish bands play there and it's always good.

  2. (Oh, and I will not comment on the WalMart thing. Ugh.)

    Trader Joe's rocks and I wish we had them out here.

  3. thanks, tim. i'll have to check 32 out. sorry to disapoint on walmart - it's just so conveniently cheap (or was in kc).

  4. "There can be only one"
    Only my all time fav show :) When I read your comments, I saw that as a good sign!
    I am also so happy that there is a Chipotle nearby. Too bad no Quik Trip---after all, there can be only one...

  5. beth, trader joe's salsa is righteous. check it out.

  6. thanks for the tip, jeff. i LOVE salsa. i'll pick some up next trip.

  7. beth. new like in california. i really think it calls for striking walmart from the list. besides target is already nearby, and really its only a few cents difference. priceshop online, i swear. you can do it. i believe in you!

  8. uh...that is supposed to be "life" not "like" i was typing fast in hopes of avoiding you going to walmart before reading the comment. be strong.