29 January 2006

mi familia

i called my sister (in-law) the day i arrived in california. apparently the two previous nights my nephews had read the two books i wrote for them, one about my first trip to ireland and one about my dreams to move to california. after reading the second one, william turned to my sister and said, "maybe aunt beth will do that someday." my sister smiled and said, "she's doing it right now." "that's cool," he responded.

my family is a keeper. we're all quite different and have literally gone different directions, but there's still genuine connection among us. i love that even though they don't always understand what i'm doing or why i'm doing it, they trust me and believe in me and care. plus, we can always make each other laugh.

a few fun memories...
* listening to my dad sing jim croce songs
* listening to my mom read books aloud
* poking & tickling wars with chad
* making ben laugh
* cooking with sarah
* anything with will & jon :)


  1. cool family makes such a difference. just ask sarah or me...

    beth you look just like your bro in the back row! excellent!

  2. yes, i've tricked several people into believing we were twins, despite a three year age gap. :) or i've had complete strangers walk up to me and say, "you're ben's sister." or even better, "you're the female ben!"

  3. i love this post, beth. your nephew is sweet. it must be encouraging that now is that "someday".