02 February 2006

beach day

santa monica gulls finally made it to the beach yesterday and learned to throw a frisbee at least mostly straight, thanks to john. still strange to think the beach could be a daily part of my existence. kansas girl goes to the beach. odd. the water was freezing - had to save the frisbee once, but thankfully only got my shorts wet. there's something so wonderful about the ocean - watching the waves roll in, hearing the sounds of the water and gulls. seeing the water moving out, out into the sky. feeling the sand pull out from under your feet as the waves leave the shore.

i like to know what's coming. where i'm going. i've been reading vanauken's "a severe mercy" in which he includes some of his correspondence with cs lewis. at one point, lewis writes him the following on seeking full assurance:
a glimpse is not a vision. but to a man on a mountain road by night, a glimpse of the next three feet of road may matter more than a vision of the horizon.
saw "the new world" last night. it reminded me of all the people who chose to cross the ocean, without knowing what lay across it. gave me a little more courage in my own venture. i actually contacted a guy today through the 168 project who said he's interested in connecting people within the industry. i'm supposed to meet with him on saturday and may have a volunteer position for an awards show. who knows.

also, said goodbye to kansas neo. got my cali plates on tuesday.

farewell kansas


  1. btw - there's a few more beach day pics on my flicker site.

  2. "a severe mercy" ~ so good! your comment about liking to know where you're going hits close to home with me these days, too. hope your meeting this weekend goes well!