22 February 2006

one six eight

i heart rafflesi am now in the whirling chaos that is the 168 project. if i didn't mention it before it's called that b/c you only have 168 hours to create (from ground zero) and produce a short film. that's not a lot of time. calm, clear communication - these are not familiar during the process. we had a fundraiser sunday night and raised $1100 miraculously. i'm the production assistant for the team and kind of the script supervisor and, basically any other role that's needed (which hopefully doesn't interfere with ones i already have). the verse our team got, which we have to base our film on, is psalm 73:2-3.

but as for me, i came so close to the edge of the cliff! my feet were slipping, and i was almost gone. for i envied the proud when i saw them prosper despite their wickedness.
it is due wed, mar 1. i'm also supposed to be helping with the movie guide awards show on thu, mar 2. all of this is, of course, for free. i'm hoping for actual paying jobs starting in march...if i can survive the next two weeks!!

i'll update with some fun tidbits when i'm not completely knackered.


  1. i hope 168 is going well. can't wait to read about the finished project.

  2. actually it's a british term. don't think i've picked up any cali slang, yet.