27 February 2006


a few tools we are done filming. actually left the set last night around 10pm. just three days (thu, fri, sun) but they were LONG. especially when i didn't sleep AT ALL on wednesday night and had to be on my way at 6am thursday. and wake up at 5:30am on friday and then 6:30am on sunday. but, as most of you know, i can handle little or no sleep - though i must admit it is different when you're on your feet all day and needing to be alert and ever-observant! but i survived - thanks to the strength & peace of God.

i have worked in restaurants and offices, so i thought i knew about drama and gossip - but whew, film sets are an arena unto themselves! :) with the bad is plenty of good, though. the atmosphere is such that you're interacting with everyone and hearing about people's lives and having real conversations. and there's so much opportunity to serve people. i love it. and plus it's just a lot of fun. getting slap-happy with a bunch of actors can be pretty comical. half the cast and crew were singing gospel songs at the top of their lungs at some points while lights were being set up.

bet & dianei started out on the team as a production assistant. i had to run a few errands, make 100+ cookies (with my friend, diane) for our fundraiser, manual labour, that type of thing. i had expressed interest in following around the script supervisor to learn his/her craft...but ended up being the script supervisor. whew. my main role for this was to slate (clapboard) each scene correctly. i checked out a book from the library wednesday morning and gleaned info from some of the professional crew as we filmed. i was also supposed to watch continuity of action, wardrobe, set design, etc. thankfully, we had a lot of alert people on set who helped with this.

i had two people (one actress, one assistant director) tell me they have future projects (one for sure pays!) that they'd love to have me help with. so hopefully those pan out. if nothing else, i know that God was able to use me amidst the drama and i was able to learn a LOT and i feel more confident trying for pa jobs.

our film is now in the editing process. it has to be completed & turned in by 8pm on wednesday. the festival & awards are sat, mar 11. your continued prayers - that the final film will be one we can all be proud of - are much appreciated.

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  1. how exciting is life in "the industry"! who knew you would be entrenched in it so soon?!!
    sounds like you're having a blast!