17 April 2006


easter blooms

my favourite easter was a few years ago in kc. it was the first time i fully celebrated it as the day Jesus rose from the dead. the year before i'd joined others at jacob's well for the monastic lenten journey - meeting mon-fri at church, 7am, throughout lent. but that next year, i focused in on holy week. experiencing a sedar meal on thu, tennebrae service on fri, prayer vigil sat, and then a sunrise-ish service on easter sunday.

i remember walking to church in the dark. i knew some people would still be there from the night before. and i wanted to watch the sunlight start to filter through the stained glass windows of the sanctuary. i remember suddenly having the urge to run the rest of the way, into the church, and yell "He is risen!" just like a little kid. i was so excited. i did run most of the way, but my reserve kicked in before i arrived and i merely entered silently, but grinning.

that afternoon i drove around and took photos of flowers i'd seen from the car for the past several weeks. seemed like a great way to celebrate new life. [the above is one of those photos]

this year, i joined my roommates at bel air presbyterian's service at the hollywood bowl. we packed a picnic and enjoyed church outdoors. there's something wonderful about hearing birds chirping during a sermon and feeling the sun warm your head.

hope the truth and joy of easter is yours.


  1. love your memories of your favourite Easter.

  2. Beth,
    If I am not mistaken, you may have just described my favorite Easter as well. That still remains in my heart like a precious pearl.

  3. same one, jenn. and same feeling. :)