25 April 2006

got work?

yes, i do. hooked up with director margo, whom i met whilst working on the 168 project. she's dating the director for my team and came to help us out. so now i'm helping her out. but i'm actually getting paid!

i'm acting as substitute coordinator this week during pre-production. then, when filming starts may 1st, i'll be in charge of craft services (snacks) and also a general production assistant. the film is a suspense/thriller feature entirely shot on a sound stage down near marina del rey. so everything is being built on set. pretty cool. during filming we're doing six day weeks starting every morning at 6am and going for probably 12 hours. except lucky me gets to be there even before 6 b/c i have to be ready by 6. and the studio is (if i'm lucky) 30 minutes away. ready set go!

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