07 May 2006

crafty pa

day five of filming - day seven since a day off - day, just one more day after today til another day off. whew. i'm remembering a lesson i learned whilst waitressing after college. yes, i can survive on small amounts of sleep - but somehow there makes all the difference in the world if i'm staying up late, rather than getting up early. i've been getting up at 4:45am to arrive at 6am on set. the earliest i've been able to get to bed is 12, no matter how tired i am. errr.

i am doubling as a craft services pa (crafty) and an office pa. in less than a week i put about 700 miles on my car running errands. most of that was in two or three days. i'm picking up & dropping off equipment and making grocery store runs. it's so funny b/c esp. with the food i keep thinking of numerous friends who would be fantastic at it and totally enjoy it but it just stresses me out. everyone does like you though. :)

the set is really cool. i'm going to try and take some pics today with my real camera (no flash) when we're on a break. if you use a camera w/ flash you have to yell out "FLASH" before you take a picture even when they're not shooting - just b/c someone might think it's a light blowing out. i hate yelling, so i figured i'd save myself the hassle. :)

i'll have more stories about this whole experience - i'm not sure if i can post specifics though, since it's in production. our actors are on imdb.com and have been in things you've heard of though. :) most of the crew is cool, too. and the main office staff is fun to work with.

it's funny, having realized that i don't want to do this, how everything is now working "as it should." but it's like when i worked on summer staff at colonial for two years with elementary & high school students. both times i quickly realized neither were a natural fit for me, but of course the experiences were great. and i'm so glad i experienced those times - met great people, learned a lot. same thing here. and i'm actually seeing how leaving doesn't have to put an end to everything, either. for one, you can write anywhere. i've made some contacts out here - and that's a huge leap forward (if,of course, i ever finish a freaking script! *grin*). the main producer on this film has told me she wants to stay in contact with me and may have some projects she'd like me to consider helping her with (writing-wise). and several other people have said they might call me in the future to fly me out. :) (of course, none of this may happen - but it's just funny seeing how things can work out in any number of ways)

so - as i've told several people -- past things keep getting clearer and clearer and future things are more blank than ever before. but that's where trusting God comes in. and i need a lot of practice in that! :)


  1. i love that quote: "past things keep getting clearer and clearer and future things are more blank than ever before." you better think about copywriting it.