14 June 2006


picture this: griffith park. a lovely sunny day. slight breeze rustling the trees. a couple gazes at each other, holding hands across a picnic table. suddenly, sniffles the wonder dog leaps onto the table and tears past them carrying a kleenex in her mouth to save some suffering sneezer (off screen). the couple jerk apart, surprised, and a bit perturbed at being disturbed.

now imagine - the girl is me. that's right me. and the guy? the line producer of the show, who'd i'd just met hours earlier. and how was i prepped for this delightful role? by working in the hot sun for several hours and most recently helping the grips carry sandbags and other heavy equipment up the hill to their truck. so i'm sweaty and i can't act - but i'm a girl and the other girls have already been in earlier shots. so even though i thought i was leaving in mere minutes to do normal p.a. duties...not so.

so, if any of you hear of a new lifetime reality show about dogs in the biz - watch the episode where one dog gets to film a kleenex commercial - you may just see me. :)

day one down. we'll see what the rest bring...

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