16 June 2006

dangerous to myself

on the job yes, i have hurt myself again. this time not b/c of lack of sleep/brain. just a simple slip with a frame along my arm. :)

seriously, if i haven't said it enough - you need to be impressed with any [decent] p.a. you meet. they're hard workers. not to say that others aren't - but they really don't get much recognition. had to leave my house at 6:40am today and i arrived home by about 11pm. officially, i was only working from 8am to 10pm, but that's still a 14 hour day. and i ate a piece of bread with peanut butter on it before i left in the morning. didn't eat again until after 7pm. not b/c they're slave drivers - just when i'm out running errands for different people, no one realizes that i haven't had a break.

there are times, of course, when there's nothing to do and you're just waiting for someone to send you on an errand or ask you to make copies or something, but when you're working it can get insane. carrying twenty pound sand bags around. moving probably 100+ large framed pictures (thus, the cut). and there's numerous other examples.

it is wonderful getting to wear my own, normal clothes, rather than having to dress nice. ah. that will be hard to let go of. why can't the business world let go of their "business casual" and just go casual?? and don't bring up that whole silly idea that you work better when you're dressed nicer. absolutely ridiculous.

okay, i know it's only 11:52pm but i must go to bed b/c i have another early day tomorrow with loads of dogs & their owners auditioning for something. yippee.

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