18 June 2006

and so it "ends"...

waiting to auditionyesterday was my last day working on lifetime's reality dog show that should air in october. from what i saw over the last four days, i think it will be worth checking out. on friday i got to stand outside for most of the day in 100+ weather making sure all the people connected with the auditioning dogs were released to be on camera. there were at least thirty dogs. and the assortment of canine and human was quite interesting. in the pic to the left, the third dog back is a dingo who was rescued and brought over. there was a blue great dane, which was absolutely gorgeous. and a mini corgi mixed with something. (i had a welsh corgi growing up, so i'm partial.) there was a homeless guy who heard about the audition and walked with his dog all the way from the 3rd street promenade in santa monica down to the agency near culver city. that's 7 miles. there was a lady dressed & accessorized entirely in pink even down to her dyed pink dog.

a hopefulsaturday was the call back day. i got to drive around for three hours searching for dog collars of a particular kind that is pretty much non-existant. i went to one pet stores three times. and after all the running around, they ended up using some collars (that didn't fit the description i'd been given), which they already had. ah, the life of a pa.

but the staff & crew were all really cool. one of the camera guys has worked on several of the survivors and he was telling me stories of carrying cameras through waist deep water and climbing volcanoes for like a 30 second opening shot. crazy stuff. and if any of you have heard of the reality show "blow out" - i think the exec producers and a lot of the staff & crew worked on that, too. so, though it was very tiring and stressful. i did survive and am glad for the experience.

end of a brief career

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