23 June 2006

tis a chain

it's always funny to me when things happen like everyone says they do. (which of course would have to happen quite often, for everyone to be saying so for so long.) realized today that all my "industry" work came out of my first project here - the 168 short film contest. through 168 in general, i met the guy who hooked me up with the tv award show. then, my team's director's girlfriend was the director of the feature film i worked on. and there i met my friend richard, who hooked me up with the dog show last week.

so once it begins, it begins. and it is all about who you know.

glad for all my experiences, but it's a lot easier to enjoy them after the fact - and knowing that i don't have to repeat them. :)

1 comment:

  1. sounds like one gift after another to me. keep working and one day you'll land projects you really care about.