10 October 2006

a lifetime debut (of sorts)

if you watched "off the leash" on lifetime tonight (mon, oct 9), there were two quick shots of me in episode one as well as one brilliant audible moment, when i said "yeah" and you could see my shoulder.

shot one (i'm on the top left) - at the very beginning of the show.

my audible moment (& my shoulder)

there was one more shot of me taking a picture outside of le paws with all the people lined up to audition, probably within the first 10 minutes. my hair was in a pony tail and i was wearing jeans and a black t.

also take particular note of the gorgeous black tablecloth on the judges table during the auditions. purchased by yours truly. as were the winning dog collars, which they did NOT use (thus, you cannot see these). even though i drove around (and around) for three hours the morning of to purchase them. typical.

in episode two: my friend, richard, who hooked me up w/ the job, is the mail man & one of the photographers.

the show is definitely entertaining & worth a looksee if you've got cable...and time. :)

oh - and my name was in the credits, too! look for production assistants at the very end. rather fun to see (for me).

*the pictures are print screens of youtube; that's why they look crappy.