06 October 2006

oh, coats

thanks to hannah for reminding me that i love coats.

my first favourite was a brown corduroy coat i bought at goodwill for less than $3 my freshman year in high school. it lasted for a good eight years. when i'd sewn up the pockets and sleeves and lining enough to basically remake the coat, i realized it might be time for a new one.
brown corduroy

i found this green one at another goodwill in college for like $2. sadly, i could only wear it if i was wearing a tanktop and didn't plan on moving my arms at all. not sure how i thought my shoulders were going to grow narrower, but i bought it anyway.
my green coat

at least i got a fun photo shoot of it with my friend melissa, who could fit into it more naturally. and i finally handed it over to hannah, who will actually wear it.

thankfully, i also found this orange one at goodwill for 25 cents! and can and do wear it.
orange hands

and i'm sure one day, i'll find myself a green coat again. that fits!