21 November 2006

a mix-mash of memories

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kerry recently mentioned the photographs i took at her wedding a few years ago, so i looked back through different sets of my wedding pictures and decided to scan a few to share. taking photos at weddings is always an interesting experience for me. the opportunity to capture something absolutely wonderful is heightened - but so is the chance of missing or messing up on a once in a lifetime event. at kerry's wedding, i'd just returned the week before from being in ireland & the uk for four months and i forgot to bring my flash. overall things turned out well. except for when i tried to get outside for the "exit" shot after the reception...
wedding accident

hurrying in platform shoes
down cement stairs
isn't the best combo.

among my recent rehash of memories is the story of my car. how when my last car caught on fire while i was driving down mass street in lawrence and i didn't know how i was going to finish paying off my student loans, continue saving for my trip back to ireland and for moving to california, and buy a car, God provided through a couple at my church, who gave me their 98 neon -- the newest & nicest car i've ever owned.

remember neo
"neo" was stolen on saturday (november 18). it still doesn't seem real. i feel like if i just look out front again, my car will be there. that somehow i've just overlooked it. i also keep remembering what was in it: a quilt my grandma made, a Bible from my mom (with all those random notes/pics i stuck in there over the years), a necklace from my parents to which i'd added a saint patrick pendant i got in dublin that hung on my rearview mirror.


  1. beth, i'm so sorry to hear about your car. i'm praying it will still show up somewhere :(.

  2. who needs a flash? the pictures turned out great! its those sentimental things that you most likely miss the most. certainly whoever took the car will feel really guilty when they see the bible in the car...