17 November 2006

somewhat similar

kansas fence glen fence
kansas fence (off hwy 99) & glen fence (glencolmcille, donegal, ireland)

i was driving home from visiting my family for my mom's birthday a few weeks back. my camera was with me, as i'd had to take more autumn pictures. i feel like i'm always seeing great photos as i drive from kansas city to wichita, but i'm always in a hurry, or "i've already passed it now and i don't want to turn around" or something.

not the case in ireland, whilst visiting with marilyn last year. all i had to do was draw in my breath and she'd be willing to stop.

red doors keyhole north... place to pause

of course, there aren't such sights as these.
but sometimes the simplicity itself is breathtaking.
and so for once, i finally stopped. and took a few photos. of kansas.

kansas gate glen gate ah. fashioned by wind
somewhat similar, i think

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