27 December 2006

such an end

yes, this is out my rear window, whilst driving
so i tried to hold out against the sunset tonight as i drove home.

yes, this is out the driver's window i kept telling myself, sunsets are always beautiful and you can't photograph every one. it's annoying to stop on the side of the highway. as soon as you stop it's only going to fade. any minute it's going to fade.

but the sunset did not go away. it kept getting better and better. and there really never would be one quite like this. so i thought, i'll take a quick shot whilst driving. i kind of have a knack for it after my two long drives to california & back. but even that wasn't enough.

so i ended up stopping on the side of the road for a few brief digital shots.

i finally had to stop. light moves
swirling it goes on
and on the fade out is even fantastic

and decided that in the near future, i'm going to have to take my good camera and drive out to the kansas countryside and set-up for the evening to capture an entire sunset.


  1. i'm so glad that you at least stopped. safety first, beth. safety first!

  2. on a serious note, i too was taken by the sunset. it seemed to just keep swirling with more and more color. beautiful.

  3. i always think of you, donna. :) glad you could catch it even in the city.

  4. Thanks for stopping. Sunsets are the best.

  5. thank you for stopping, rustin. :)