09 January 2007


so brief
i've always loved crocus. growing up, the corner of our lawn bordered by the house and driveway was the crocus spot. every year i would expectantly await the first signs of life in that little patch. the blooms themselves don't stand out against more popular flowers, but there was something inherent to them - seeing them blooming out of snow, before the grass turned green, when all else seemed dead.

landed i think the colour yellow is somewhat similar to the crocus. nice in itself, but set against colours like red - it seems common or insignificant.

daffodil brown

i watched "the last kiss" with donna this weekend. i wouldn't recommend it, but there was one line tom wilkinson's character said, that i really appreciated: you can't fail, if you never give up.

i think it's easy to see this "never giving up" as something extravagant. last january, i moved to los angeles to pursue my dream of working in the film industry. now i'm back in kansas city and don't know what i'm preparing for. that may appear to be giving up - but i think there's something to the crocus, lying in wait under the ground, holding out through the winter, knowing it will be ready when it's time to bloom.

faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen.
without wavering, let us hold tightly to the hope we say we have. for,
God can be trusted to keep His promise. hope that is seen is no hope
at all. wait for the LORD, be strong and take heart, and wait for the LORD.

[heb 11:1; heb 10:23; rom 8:24; psa 27:14]


  1. This thought reminded me of an old song lyric: "Some days I found faith means just tying your shoes." Nothing extravagant about that.

  2. i like that. what song is it from?

  3. Old CCM artist called Billy Sprague. I don't remember the song.