21 December 2006


gwennap layers neo now has official plates and i can legally drive him. i purchased a new club so i can park on the street again. it doesn't work quite like i remember from the last time i had to use one, but it has been almost two years, so perhaps it's just poor memory. i parked out front for the first time last night. woke up really nervous at 1:30am and had to go downstairs and assure myself neo was still out there. he was.

so he's in process: head gasket (and all the stuff underneath - timing belt, water pump, etc) fixed/replaced. radiator replaced. dash lights working. muffler rebent. twice. garbage removed. seats febreezed. plastic bits cleaned.

still need to: fix the steering column. vaccuum. febreeze febreeze febreeze (will the smell ever leave?). give away or trash the random things in my trunk. fix the hood. fix the dash. screw my license plate on (the screws were gone).

a good example of how life is always a strange mixture of "ed"-"ing"-"e".

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