16 December 2006

a two-hour example

devil wears prada just watched the devil wears prada which a fellow california PA recommended to me. he said it's a great depiction of what it is to be a production assistant. a little glamourized, a little dramatic, but scarily true. i didn't last as long as long as the girl in the movie did, and i never worked for anyone quite that demanding - but it seriously was crazy what was expected. the whole - here's a list of five nearly impossible tasks that must be done in this amount of time w/o any details and always the assumption that you have a clue what or who they're talking about - that was definitely the reality. i think if i'd been straight out of college - i would've stuck it out longer, but having been graduated for over six years makes me less willing to hand over my life just to get ahead. the movie was pretty good, nothing spectacular, but worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

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