08 February 2007


soft winter
whew. a positive attitude is a beautiful thing but it's finally hitting me how difficult it can be to maintain in the midst of "the way the world works". i got back some photos the other day and the one above struck me. its simplicity. softness. i remember using my zoom lens and i think i audibly sighed when this came into view. just a bare branch against a softly fading sky. i wish i could view the world like this sometimes (without looking through a camera).

angled amber
i got my steering column fixed today after driving with a screw driver for nearly two months. thought i'd feel more of a sense of completion. but now the key kinda sticks. and when the driver door is open it dings like the key's still in the ignition - even though it's not. and so the screwdriver almost seems preferable to the key.

i'm trying to reform my thoughts the same way that i look for photos - with unique angles and specific focus. hey, it's worth a shot. :)

my favourite onesoft winter lights


  1. i love these pictures, beth. you have a gift.

  2. thank you gail! means a lot coming from someone whose taste i respect as much as yours. :)