05 March 2007

about six

my youngest nephew, jon, turns six today. since he probably doesn't read my blog, and he may have already gotten his gift in the mail, i can tell this story:

i've got this onei was failing at all my creative birthday ideas, so i finally buckled and asked my sister-in-law what was on his list. i, of course, wanted to pick one of the super cool or fun items (this is one way aunts keep their special status); i first tried looking for a colts' helmet, but wasn't quite sure what i was looking for so figured i'd leave that for my brother. my second pass at the list, i focused in on the alarm clock. alarm clock? for a six year old? there's got to be something to this one - so i looked online and found a really cool one that tells you the date and time and temperature; can show the numbers on the ceiling; all kinds of stuff. i ordered it and then emailed my sis-in-law to find out why he wanted one. apparently it's the item he has repeatedly reminded her about. this was his reason:

jon's the only one in the family who doesn't have one, and when he gets up in the morning he has to go into his parents' or older brother's room to see what time it is. my brother has told jon he can't get up before 6 or something like that, and jon likes to check and make sure he is allowed to be out of bed in the morning.

absolutely ridiculously cute and awesome - all wrapped up in a six year old. :)

1 comment:

  1. I have that alarm clock!
    It is one of the three in various spots around my room. I can still turn it off in my sleep.
    I don't think your nephew will have that problem.