09 July 2007

cervantes welcomes you


my spanish tour guidescervantes called toledo "the glory of spain and light of her cities". having only been to a few cities in the same general region, i cannot say for sure; but it was certainly an adventure traipsing after kate & andré down the narrow and twisty cobbled streets that could dead end at any moment.

there were churches everywhere, which isn't surprising having formerly been the capital of the holy roman, visigoth and muslim empires. i opted for bravely climbing the tower of the cathedral while kate & andré serenely sat down below.

i am so glad i was able to visit them in spain. my previous attempt to see spain in 2001 didn't pan out, but this was so much better. and it was delightful getting to spend an entire week with kate whom i've been friends with since we were two, but who i rarely get to see since we graduated ten years ago - and andré, whom i normally only get to chat with over the dinner table on christmas break.

thank you two, for being such good friends and hosts.


  1. lovely title. lovely new header. i mean come on, isnt spain fantastic???

  2. LOVE the new header photo. you might have to show me how to do that.