22 July 2007

which wings? (please cast your vote)

taken at locksbrook in bath, england. this particular angel stood out to me,
nestled among trees--further up, deeper in--the sleepy folds of the cemetery.

i'm not sure which is the better of the two, so i'm again asking for your opinions--
which of these two do you like better? (see below for larger versions)


  1. tough one.
    #2 looks better small, i like the hand and wings more visible; big, it's a little overlit
    #1 has more detail of the angel, better light-balance but wings are less obvious.

  2. Funny. I thought similarly: #2 is better small. #1 is better large.

  3. i'm with the others! i was all set to say #2 from the small pics and then changed my mind to #1 with the bigger.

  4. Random reader via JW's site26 July, 2007 19:09

    I think #2 looks overlit when it's right under #1. It doesn't seem too bright when I look only at it without the other in view.

    Even so, I make my decision based on your desciption of where the angel is: "nestled among trees--further up, deeper in--the sleepy folds of the cemetary". I think the "mood" of #1 fits with that description.

  5. The first one shows a better sense of age and weather damage on the statue, which makes the angel a much more interesting character.