06 September 2007

in the midst - sep 7

in the midst - september 7
my second photography show opens tomorrow evening at the imago gallery in the crossroads for first friday! i am already overwhelmed by the support and excitement of my friends...and it hasn't even "happened" yet.

i'd love to see you all there (217 w. 19th ter; kcmo 64108 - just east of central, on the southside of 19th terrace). it's "officially" from 7-9pm and that's when rachel bonar's band, oriole post, will be playing. but if that time frame doesn't work for you, i'll be there as early as 5pm - so you're welcome to stop by before all the festivities. and...if you can't make it out friday night - i will be moving the show to the jacob's well gallery for the remainder of september.

wanna buy a car?
a recent random fun photography fact: i sold this photo for $50 to be published in a text book. theories of performance by elizabeth bell comes out in october 2007.

i first received an email in flickr from dr. bell’s assistant:
Your image of your friend acting like a car salesperson struck us as particularly engaging for theories of performing identity. I'd just been typing in keywords and it came up in a search. When Dr. Bell saw the image, she thought it would be great for the book!

after i expressed interest, dr. bell sent me further info:
Enough about performance, let’s talk about your image and this book. My goal in choosing photographs is to stay away from staged performances. There are plenty of photographs available of stage plays, concerts, and “famous” performers. Instead, I’m trying to include photographs that capture the fascinating ways that humans are creating, not “faking,” themselves, their relationships, and their commitments in the world. I’m also trying to include photographs that are really interesting to look at, beautifully composed and shot, and ripe for discussion in the classroom. Your photograph is a wonderful complement to the section on Performing Social Roles. Jaclyn and I laugh every time we look at it! You certainly captured the "sales" smile and handshake!

so wonderfully strange. in this instance, of course, i owe at least 60% to chelsea's acting & charm. :)


  1. i used to get that same smile (maybe not the handshake) every time i made a deposit at commerce bank in manhattan, kansas. that was some textbook banking.

  2. soooo cool about the photo!!! that it awesome! what a great shot. :)

  3. i love it, mike. :) good ole manhappenin.

  4. hey, and i just saw on the link to her book that dr. bell is at usf, my alma mater! she can't be too bad, then. :)

  5. nice, jules. :) i forgot you also went there.

    thanks again for coming to my show!!! you certainly win for biggest surprise attendee. :) love ya!

  6. love the photo of Chelsea :-)

    just discovered Chelsea's blog today, hopped over to your blog from her friends list, and then I see you have Rustin on your list, too, who we know through the P. and C. Hill and MCC... Ah, what a strange blogging world. I'll be back later to look at some more of your great pictures.

  7. thanks, jenny. :) do you know chels through mcc?

  8. I was in the same suite as Chelsea in MCC dorms, and met my husband Heath through her and Katrina. Heath's known her since jr. high. :-)