29 February 2008


highland gloaming
loch lomond, scotland

n. twilight; dusk; glow of sunrise or sunset
another great example of a word that is what it is.

give me the hour o' gloaming grey,
it makes my heart sae cheery o'.

- robert burns

but of the whole day i prefer, for my part,
the quiet hour that brings in the gloaming

- rev. william buchanan

o gloaming, thou hast richly shed a gladness over me,
as thy pale mantle thou hast spread alike o’er land and sea;
and while i’ve wandered forth alone in thy sweet tranquil hour,
i’ve soared in thought to worlds unknown through thy enchanting power.

- robert gemmell

if every night i could sit with a cup of tea and watch the gloaming, i would be rich indeed.

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