20 February 2008

emotional onomatopoeia

simply wispy
petřín gardens (prague)

prepare yourself to comment...

as onomatopoeia refers to words that "imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to", i think there are words that somehow imitate the emotion or the meaning of what they're referring to.

alas - every time i say this word, it is exactly what i feel/mean.
wisp - the sound is the image
lovely - the word embodies what it's describing
daisy - it is that cheery simple flower

these are the ones that first come to my mind. i know i've had other moments with words like this. i'd love to hear some of yours...


  1. i know what you mean...although mine don't tend to be for words as beautiful as yours. for instance, the first one that comes to my mind is "traffic"--it really is as crazy as the word sounds (esp. if you live in st. louis!).

  2. woo-hoo-woo
    balagon - a cool Hebrew word that means "craziness, chaos".

  3. "woo-hoo-woo" is an interesting one. it is true onomatopoeia - but it really does express the emotion one would have to have in order to want to say it. :) and "sigh" - how did i miss that one. it's in the same family as "alas" i think. and thanks for breaking out the hebrew, joy. takes this post to a whole new level!