20 February 2008

comfortable silence

good for conversation
petřín gardens (prague)

if you can sit in silence with a person for half an hour and yet be entirely comfortable,
you and that person can be friends. if you cannot, friends you'll never be and you need
not waste time in trying.

- lm montgomery (the blue castle)

i'm rereading several of lucy maude montgomery's books (most famous for "anne of green gables") - and am currently in the middle of one of my favourites, "the blue castle". right before the above quote, two of the main characters are just getting to know each other and run out of gas on an abandoned road. the guy says, "we'll just sit here, and if we think of anything worthwhile saying we'll say it. otherwise, not."

i think heaven will be like that. full of lovely silences that speak their own depth and joy. and only words that are aptly spoken.
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  1. LOVE this photo. so peaceful! also, LOVE the new banner. there's lots of love for your blog today!

  2. i love love love that quote from that book...and i love the book even more. :) so much so, in fact, that i forced chris to let me read it to him the first year we were married, and i think he was surprised at how entertaining it was. :) i just recently re-read lucy maud's emily books. "the blue castle" may have to be next on my list!

  3. thanks, joy. :) i figured it was about time to update my header. still not quite sure how to make it do what i want, but at least it's a new photo. :)

    jules - yes!! and i just reread the emily series - that's what restarted me on my i heart lucymaude trip down memory lane. :) do you remember that kate made andre read it (publicly, on a choir trip!) all by himself when they were dating? who can resist the charm of the blue castle?

  4. Love that quote!!! I remember being in CA in college and thinking this about a friend. She is still one of my great friends today! :)
    Still loving your photography!
    Cheers, Love Tat

  5. thanks, tat. :) i love that you still remember those names... -mp-