18 February 2008

the most perfect refreshment...

shaded seating
“to sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” - jane austen (mansfield park)

another photo from my may 2007 trip; again from the park in madrid; once more, overlooked until it flashed into life on my desktop, surprising me with the peaceful sun and shade, as i sit inside my cold house wrapped in a blanket trying to ignore the slushy cold outside.

folks always talk about people-watching and how fun that is. i do enjoy people-watching, though often it can be a bit overwhelming. but sitting outside and soaking in a scene of the simplest outdoor views - that is life. (e.g. in order to take this photo, i had to wait to ensure no one was milling about in my photograph...)


  1. love this one too--reminds me of another one you took of katie studying in a setting similar to this one. most definitely "perfect."

  2. beth, when i saw this photo i knew it had to be taken in spain. it so reminds me of my people-watching moments in sevilla. so lovely!

  3. jules - yes. :)

    gail - it's always a good moment when someone who's been to the same place recognizes and responds to what i captured from my own separate experience.