14 February 2008

sometimes simple

stripes of purple & green
i recently discovered that on my mac i can set the desktop image to pull from my image folder of choice and change the image every five minutes. it can be a bit distracting when i should be working b/c whenever it changes, i want to hide all my open windows and see which photograph is now showing. but it's good for the soul. :) (my soul, at least) so i'm currently reliving my trip last may to europe & the uk. and this morning came across this photo (above). in the midst of all my other shots from the trip, this one never particularly stood out before; it's quite simple; could be from anywhere - doesn't seem exotic or foreign or adventurous. yet there's something about that one stripe of purple with all that green; the spotlights of sunshine (especially the little ones easily overlooked in the foreground). i almost felt like i should apologize for having overlooked this little gem for so long. it was similar to the feeling i have when i happen upon a dandelion in just the right placement and i think, at this moment, you are a flower, not a weed.

lil dandy gathering of wildflowers

[to give the top photo its "exotic"-due, this was taken in the "central park" of madrid, el parque del buen retiro, whilst i was visiting kate & andré. as for the dandelion shots - the first i set up (in wichita), the second i truly happened upon (in germany).]


  1. great photos! love the purple and the sunshine!

  2. i want to just sit and stare and that first photo. it's gorgeous!

  3. thanks, girls. :) isn't it funny how photos can be hidden - and then suddenly you pull one out and set it on its own - and wala, it's something. kind of like how matting and framing something makes it important...