05 March 2009

some recent old favourites

so i've been scanning and uploading pictures from my last trip to ireland & the uk (feb/mar 2005) and coming across some photographs that i'd forgotten about. here are a few of my new old favourites.

a lovely missing
a lovely missing (york)

i remembered this one, just hadn't seen it in a long while as i'd lent my album to a friend so she could use the pictures as inspiration for her painting. but the more i look at it the more i love it. it was part of a temporary exhibit in the yorkshire museum gardens. i'm now trying to hunt down more information on it (artist, title, etc). it intrigues me. there's something so simple and so lovely about it. and i'm glad for the b&w which accentuates the simplicity of line.

a place to remember
a place to remember (edinburgh)

this one, i don't really recall. i definitely remember the greyfriars kirkyard where i took it. and the strange cold rainy/snowy afternoon i spent there. i remember not taking many pictures, though there were many interesting gravestones and the green grass was glowing in the strange light of the overcast day. but this picture pleases me. perhaps one of my favourite cemetery pictures (and cemeteries are a common subject of mine). there's something in this composition, this almost looking over the 'shoulder' of the gravestone that gives a sense of closeness. a surprising embrace of sorts. oh, and it was fun to realise that it was exactly four years ago today that i took this picture.


  1. Searching online for some Rilke poems, I came across your website.

    I wanted to thank you for your thoughts and lovely photos.

    Cheers, from a girl in NYC.

    1. thanks, irene. i know this is from a while back, but it was nice to come across, even this late. :)

      [i actually replied back in december 2010, but it was a separate comment rather than a reply, so you might have never seen it.]

  2. thanks, irene. i know this is from a while back, but it was nice to come across even this late. :)