02 March 2009

an upcoming third


my third venture to ireland is six weeks away. i started writing "trip" but that didn't seem apt enough, so i thought 'venture' but then wasn't sure if i meant 'adventure' or if 'venture' is correct. so i checked good old webster.
ven⋅ture: an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome, esp. a risky or dangerous one;
speculation in which something is risked in the hope of profit

that may sound a bit dramatic for vacation. but there is a risk in seeking rest and rejuvenation. i often don't dare to claim it because i fear it may not be as good as i hope. i may not be refreshed, rejuvenated, restored. what if i just feel the same when it's over?

remember the springmy first venture to ireland was from sep-dec 2001. besides beginning just days before 'september 11', there was plenty of uncertainty, plenty of change. but all the time, money, and comfort i risked definitely paid off in richer dividends than can be shown on a bank statement or resume. probably the most educational four months of my life. i got my 3rd tattoo to commemorate this time--to "remember" what the LORD did, who He showed Himself to be.

four years later, my second venture lasted two months [feb-mar 2005]. this time i risked a bit more in regards to what could be considered folly -- taking a break from my job to spend money travelling in the midst of trying to save for my upcoming move to los angeles. but again the daring paid off. among other things, my first photography show.

and now, again four years have passed and i'm heading back. this time i will only be there for three weeks. but this time i will also only be in ireland (the other two times i spent part of the time in the uk). and i won't be staying with any friends, just me wandering around ireland. and i'm renting a car so i can go wherever, whenever and stop at any lovely sight i see.

i can't wait.


  1. Yes! I can't wait for you to go too! So great. Get refreshed, sister.

  2. just now reading this post. i think venture is a great word and i hope your upcoming one exceeds all your expectations.