21 February 2007


winter's shadowi love that God often uses light to describe Himself. there is so much beauty in real, living light. the sun. wow. after weeks and months of winter to be walking around in a jacket in the SUN. amazing. crazy work schedule and car in the shop AGAIN can be shoved in their proper place in the presence of such bright and glorious warmth. the mysterious glow of the moon and stars.

jw candlesfire. that dancing, living flame. i was at church today for noon prayer and i was happily contemplating the candles, when the most brilliant idea came to me. wouldn't it be wonderful if we could hold flame in our hands. that jolly little swaying flame, resting right above our palms. how glorious it must have been for shadrach, meshach & abednego, walking around with Jesus in a furnace of fire. and how wonderful that the Holy Spirit came to the disciples at pentecost as flames above their heads. gives me reason to hope that maybe in heaven, i can hold it in my hand.

-may the LORD be with you during this lenten season-

a little light

sometimes so small – a mere pin prick –
and you feel no warmth, unless you
could sit in the flame, fit in the flicker

the glow holds you – no matter where you
look in the darkness – the glow holds you

how can so small a light
conquer so vast a darkness

yet DARK is beaten when
even the tiniest bit
of nothing becomes the tiniest
bit of something

a little
light goes a long


  1. The footprints in the first photo look like they are coming up out of the snow. Is that a trick?

  2. no trick. just must be the angle.